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Just for Info

General knowledge

I`m not an mechanic.
But i do repair and tune at any cars since I`m 17. These may include dealing with filler, weldingmachines and raisins to. Not every project has been an unmitigated success right from the outset. Got lucky to had also friends, mechanics and engeneers who really helped me. Thanks for that guys!

Help for you

Just write an Mail to me, if you have any questions.
I try to answer asap.


Operation: "Silvia".

My name is Ray, I’m in my mid 30’s and bought my dream car in the year 2014 from Japan. Ever since I‘ve met many great people and learned much about the car.
I want to share my experience with you and I hope I can help out for any questions asked. I will post everything like conversions, repairs, tuning, pictures, tips and tricks here for you.

The Car

My Nissan Silvia is a 1999 SpecR, turbocharged 4 Cylinder 2 Liter Engine and has around 250hp at the crank. This particular series is known as „S15" and has been build from 1999 until 2002. The later series starting from 2001 are available with pretty good specs and of course low mileage. The downside is, you can not get it licensed in Germany because of the high emission standards, so you can only import the 1999-2000 models. I bought „her" as a Grade 4 with around 99000 km on the clock directly from Japan. Already installed were the optional NISMO suspension and 17 inch Ray’s TE37 forged wheels. Everything else was completely stock, just how I wanted it to be.

The Goal

Realistically there is no real goal to achieve, but somehow there is a way defined at least.
It’s to keep the value of the car or even increase it and to adapt individually visually and technically to my own ideas

Many S15 end as drift cars because the combination of a turbo front engine, rear wheel drive in association with a lightweight rear is just perfect for it.

My ideas go a completely different route here. The S15 is one of the most beautiful cars of the whole world in my opinion. I want to emphasize the sexy lining as good as possible and build the car in a stable and track proven state without losing comfort in any way.
So in a short overview it is: · · Stable power · Suspension modification · A nice sounding exhaust · As OEM looking as possible
  • Proper Sound system
  • Stable power
  • Suspension modification
  • A nice sounding exhaust
  • As OEM looking as possible

Oh yeah, and that‘s Daniel, he owns a car too.
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